Student Opportunities

Tianyi Tan Paris 600History Major Tianyi Tan, standing outside the Sorbonne in Paris, spent a month this summer doing research at the Archives Nationales in France.

With more than 200 Undergraduate Majors and Minors, the Department contributes actively to the academic life of the community.

We offer a rigorous program of study that allows our students to develop their talents through the study and interpretation of the past. We study humanity's diverse traditions and how they have changed over time to prepare for the challenges of the world today and tomorrow. 

Undergraduate students take advantage of a number of opportunities to supplement and enrich their education and prepare themselves for lasting success long after graduation. 


History as an academic discipline is rooted in researching the past, and the history faculty at Notre Dame strongly encourage our majors to exploit the research opportunities available to undergraduate students.

Funding is available to facilitate and support undergraduate research. Students are encouraged to apply for funding to them to travel to an archive in Seoul, visit a museum in Paris, attend a conference in Singapore, or purchase historical texts written with quill and ink.

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Internships give students hands-on experience in an occupational field through monitored work or service.  Along with volunteer work, summer service projects, research, summer jobs, and study abroad, they provide invaluable experiential learning and tools for career development. 

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