Major Requirements

The Major in History facilitates a firm foundation in basic historical skills, fosters an awareness of the diversity of the global human past, and encourages a specialization tailored to each student’s individual intellectual interests. Students interested in studying abroad are encouraged to choose a location that meshes with their historical interests. The Major in History consists of ten three-credit courses.

1. The History Workshop (HIST 33000) – the gateway course for new majors and minors; required

2. Four Breadth Courses (one course from four of the following six major breadth areas), at least one of which must feature significant pre-modern content (defined as prior to the 16th century):

  • Africa/Asia/Middle East
  • Ancient/Medieval Europe
  • Modern Europe
  • Latin America
  • United States
  • Special (Global, Topical, etc.)

3. Four Electives, with three of them making up a concentration chosen by the student in consultation with their History advisor

4. The Department Seminar (HIST 43xxx) – the research capstone course for experienced majors

Minor Requirements

The Minor in History is designed to be a flexible course of study offering students a pedagogically-sound introduction to the discipline of History. The Minor in History consists of five three-credit courses with no prerequisites.

1. The History Workshop (HIST 33000) – the gateway course for new majors and minors; required

2. Four Electives chosen from Department course offerings