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The Study of History

The study of history is vital to an understanding of our contemporary world, for we can hardly understand the present moment if we don’t develop an awareness of how it came to be.

Historians pursue every place, period, population, and process under the sun, from antiquity to the near present, and on these journeys to the past they explore the connections that make up the complexity of human society – from individuals to institutions, from economics to religion to recreation, and from formal politics to family life. 

As they learn to recognize the fundamental importance of context, perspective, and contingency to the changes and continuities that occur within and between individual lives, communities, countries, and continents, students of history acquire not just a firm knowledge of the past; they also develop an invaluable way to approach and analyze the world.

In short, the study of history not only opens a window into the past; it also provides a framework for understanding the present and charting the future.

“History is more alive than I thought it was and is still an ongoing argument."


What you need for the Major & Minor and to build a firm foundation in basic historical skills, fosters an awareness of the diversity of the global human past, and encourages a specialization tailored to each student’s individual intellectual interests.

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Learning opportunities across a variety of eras and fields are abundant. History majors take a variety of courses emphasizing different geographical areas, chronological periods, and thematic approaches to studying the past.

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Student Opportunities

Undergraduate students take advantage of a number of opportunities to supplement and enrich their education and prepare themselves for lasting success long after graduation. 

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Careers for History Majors

Find out why 98% of History majors find success within six months of graduation.

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