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The University of Notre Dame Graduate Program in History combines innovative approaches to the study of the past with a steadfast commitment to slow information: facts in context, fine-grained detail, archival research, and long-form communication pitched both to academic and popular audiences.

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With over 40 full-time faculty members, the Department of History strives to be one of the preeminent humanities departments in the United States. We are large enough to cover nearly every region of the world and period of time, and we are intimate enough to sustain close contact between faculty and students at all levels.

The alumni of our doctoral program are active in a wide variety of exciting careers. Many have gone into university teaching, obtaining tenure-track professorships at—among others—Baylor, Catholic University of America, Hillsdale College, Mississippi State, Norwich, Princeton Theological Seminary, Seton Hall, Texas Tech, Valparaiso, and the Universities of Alabama, Illinois, and New Mexico, as well as Gyeongin National University of Education (Incheon, South Korea), Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, China), and Universidad EAFIT (Medellín, Colombia).

Others have pursued successful careers in administration and library or archive work at institutions such as the University of Chicago, Villanova, Brigham Young University, the National Archives, and the Universities of Illinois, Michigan, and Nevada.

Still others have gone into all manner of fields for which their training as historians has prepared them: our alumni include, for example, an organizer for the United Auto Workers, a museum director in California, the leader of a peace and reconciliation organization in Northern Ireland, and a prize-winning author of historical novels.

For more information, please explore this website, review the Graduate Studies Guide, and contact us any time at or (574) 631-0364.

Prof. Alexander Martin
Director of Graduate Studies

University of Notre Dame Ph.D. in History


“I chose Notre Dame’s history department not just because of my advisers’ expertise, but because I realized the department as a whole was invested in graduate student success."

John Nelson, Ph.D. ’20, Assistant Professor of Early North American History at Texas Tech University