Recent Ph.D.s and Placements

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Fall 2018

Elizabeth Baker

Dissertation: 'More Romance than Reality': Mary Carpenter, 'Native Gentlemen,' and Female Education Reform in India
Placement: Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, University of Notre Dame (5+1)

Jessica Fisher

Dissertation: The Rise and Fall of the Ribbonmen: Ribbonism in Ireland and Abroad, c. 1810-1858

Garrett Fontenot

Dissertation: Voluntarism and Imperial Supremacy: Politics and the Military Establishment in the Expansion of the British Empire in French North America, 1760-1775
Placement: Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, University of Notre Dame (5+1)

Yin Liu

Dissertation: Teaching the Secunda Lex: Deuteronomy and Church Reform at Lyon in the Age of Charlemagne

John Shanley

Dissertation: Catholic Freedom, Protestant Slaver? Reconsidering Anti-Catholicism in Maryland, 1688-1776
Placement: Assistant Director, Center for Research and Fellowships, Villanova University

Kathryn Vidrine

Dissertation: Belief in Power: Building a National Church of Ireland, 1660-1689
Placement: Assistant Program Director, Office of Grants and Fellowships, University of Notre Dame

Summer 2018

Maria Cecilia Ulrickson

Dissertation: 'Esclavos que fueron' in Santo Domingo, 1768-1844
Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of History and Geography, Morgan State University, Maryland

Spring 2018

Jairo Campuzano Hoyos

Dissertation: The Quest for Material Progress in Global Perspective: Colombia 1840s-1900s
Placement: Profesor de carrera académica, Eafit University, Medellin, Colombia

Bethany Montagano

Dissertation: Sites of Slavery: Gender, Race and Tourism in the Construction of America's Slavery Memory
Placement: Associate Curator, Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, California

Felicia Moralez

Dissertation: From Immigrants to Citizens: Mexicans and Settlement Houses in Gary, Indiana, 1919-1965

David Morris

Dissertation: Apocalypse Now or Later: The Manuscript Tradition of the Super Prophetas (Super Essaiam) of Pseudo-Joachim of Fiore
Placement: Classics and Research and Information Services Librarian, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

James Strasburg

Dissertation: God's Marshall Plan: American Protestantism and the Democratization of Germany, 1910-1963
Placement: Assistant Professor of History, Hillsdale College, Michigan

Alexander Wimberly

Dissertation: Present Witness: The Confession of 1967 and the Travails of Presbyterians in American Society