Recent Ph.D.s and Placements

Summer 2023

Anthony Gaspar

Dissertation: “Prey of All Nations”: Diplomacy and Empire During the Reign of Michael VIII Palaiologos (1259–1282)
Placement: Adjunct Instructor, College of Charleston, Charleston SC

Jorge Puma Crespo

Dissertation: “The Only Correct Line”: A Transnational History of French Maoism in Catholic Mexico During the Late Sixties
Placement: Assistant Professor of History, Hope College, Holland MI

Ana Sánchez Ramírez

Dissertation: Violentology: Expert Knowledge and Government Peacebuilding in Late 20th Century Colombia
Placement: Docente de Cátedra, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia

Emily Smith

Dissertation: Sanctifying Pregnancy: Motherhood and American Catholicism, 1930–1981
Placement: Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion, Wabash College, Crawfordsville IN

Tomás Valle

Dissertation: Socratic Learning in Lutheran Germany: Philosophy, Religion, and Politics in the Life of Johannes Caselius (1533–1613)
Placement: Postdoctoral scholar, University of Hamburg, Germany

Spring 2023

Janice Gunther Martin

Dissertation: Unburdening the Beasts: The Equine Doctors of Early Modern Castile

Noe Pliego Campos

Dissertation: Crises, Rights, and Futurity: Youth in 1980s Mexico City
Placement: Assistant Professor of History, Wabash College, Crawfordsville IN

Istvan Szepesi

Dissertation: Unspoken Accommodations: A Century of Religious Coexistence in CatholicCologne, 1517–1617 
Placement: Notre Dame 5+1 postdoctoral fellowship

Summer 2022

Susanna DeStradis

Dissertation: Making Democracy Safe for Religion: The Catholic Argument for the “Nation Under God” (1939–1965)
Placement: Postdoctoral Fellowship, John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics, Washington University, St. Louis MO; Assistant Professor of History, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State MS

Ian Van Dyke

Dissertation: Evangelical Multiculturalism in the Age of Fracture: U.S. Missionaries and Evangelicals’ Search for Diversity and Social Justice, 1974–2010
Placement: Visiting Professor of History, Grand Valley State University, Allendale MI

James P. Breen

Dissertation: Fighting the Roman Corporation: How the American Protective Association Combined Anti-Catholicism and Antimonopolism in Gilded Age America
Placement: Part-Time Lecturer, Social and Historical Studies, University of Washington, Tacoma WA

Spring 2022
Jessica Brockmole

Dissertation: Pink Cars and Pocketbooks: How American Women Bought Their Way into the Driver’s Seat
Placement: Independent Writer

Raymond Drause

Dissertation: “In Word and Deed”: Exiled Siberian Decembrists as Servants of the Russian Empire, 1826–1860
Placement: Visiting Researcher, Karelian Institute, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland

Fall 2021

Esteban Alfaro Salas

Dissertation: Making Portuguese Colonial Governance: Slavery, Forced Labor, and Racial Ideology in the Interior from Benguela, 1760-1860
Placement: Lecturer (equivalent to assistant professor) in African History, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Anna Holdorf

Dissertation: A Harvest for Heaven and Earth: Agricultural Missionaries and the Religious Roots of U.S. International Development in Latin America
Placement: Rating Veterans Service Representative, U.S. Veterans Benefits Administration, Milwaukee WI

Nelia Martsinkiv

Dissertation: Unlikely Dissenters: Origins and Development of the Ukrainian Human Rights Movement from Khrushchev to Gorbachev

Summer 2021

Anna Fett

Dissertation: Peace Education for the World: People-to-People Programs, American Youth, & U.S. Power, 1939-1961
Placement: Assistant Professor of Peace Studies and Black Studies, University of Missouri, Columbia MO

Sejoo Kim

Dissertation: American Postcolony: Imperial Citizenship and the Rise of Garment Metropolis in the Pacific, 1944-1999
Placement: Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Studies Education, Gyeongin National University of Education, Incheon, South Korea

Spring 2021

Nicholas Roberts

Dissertation: A Sea of Wealth: Sayyid Saʿid bin Sultan, His Omani Empire, and the Making of an Oceanic Marketplace
Placement: Assistant Professor of Middle East and Islamic World History, Norwich University, Northfield VT

Fall 2020

Bry Martin

Dissertation: Court Dusk, Country Dawn: The Ideological Formation of the First Earl of Shaftesbury
Placement: Attorney at law, Dover-Foxcroft ME

Chris Temple

Dissertation: Fostering Elite Science at an American Catholic University: The Rise of a Research Culture at the University of Notre Dame, 1842-1967
Placement: Academic Support Program Director, Center for University Advising, University of Notre Dame

Summer 2020

Andrea Castonguay

Dissertation: "Have you a clear Authority?" Dynasties, da'was, and the rise of Islamic States in Medieval Morocco
Placement: Assistant Professor of Ancient History, Western New England University, Springfield MA

Ashley Foster

Dissertation: Scotland’s Age of Reckoning: British Union and Enlightenment on a Covenanted People
Placement: Education Administrator, Honors College Dean's Office, University of Alabama, Birmingham AL

Spring 2020

Eve Wolynes

Dissertation: Migrant Mentalities: Reconstructing the Community Identity and World of Venetian Merchants in the Late Medieval Mediterranean
Placement: Librarian, University of Dayton, Dayton OH

Philip Byers

Dissertation: How Firm the Foundation: The Lilly Endowment and American Christianity, 1937-1989
Placement: Halbrook Chair of Civic Engagement, Taylor University, Upland IN

Carla Villanueva

Dissertation: The Politics of Repressive Education Reform: The Institutional Relationship between the Secretaría de Educación Pública and Escuelas Normales Rurales in Mexico During the Cold War

Placement:Union Organizer, United Auto Workers

Anna Vincenzi

Dissertation: Imagining an Age of Revolution? Interpretations of the American Revolution in the Italian States, 1765-1799
Placement: Assistant Professor in Modern European History, Hillsdale College

John Nelson

Dissertation: The Geography to Command a Continent: Native Peoples, Europeans, and the Chicago Portage
Placement: Assistant Professor in Early American History, Texas Tech University

Nicholas Bonneau

Dissertation: Unspeakable Loss: New England's Invisible Throat Distemper Epidemics, 1735-1775
Placement: Full-Time Lecturer in the History of Science and Public Health, University of Maryland, Baltimore County and Consulting Scholar, Mütter Research Institute, College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Fall 2019

Jillian Plummer

Dissertation: Saving Latin America: Catholic Sisters, Communism, and Liberation theology, 1946-1985
Placement: Assistant Professor of Catholic Studies, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield CT

Natalie Sargent

Dissertation: Peculiar Positions of Power: Laywomen as "Good Americans" and "Good Catholics," 1854-1907 
Placement: Faculty Award Program Director, Provost Office, University of Notre Dame

Summer 2019

Suzanna Krivulskaya

Dissertation: Disgraced: How Sex Scandals Transformed American Protestantism, 1832-1988
Placement:  Assistant Professor of History, California State University San Marcos

Danae Jacobson

Dissertation: Spiritual Geographies: How Nuns Changed the U.S. West
Placement: Assistant Professor of History, Colby College, Waterville ME

Taras Karaulshchikov

Dissertation: A History of Georgian Scientific Intelligentsia: The Case of the Nikoladze Family 1860-1981

Christopher Flanagan

Dissertation: Empire Remade: Refining Empire in the American Revolution, 1774-1795
Placement: Postdoctoral Scholarship, University of Notre Dame (5+1, 2019-2020)

Dylan LeBlanc

Dissertation: The Empire in Chains: British ‘Government Men’ in the Atlantic Slave Trade
Placement: Social Science teacher, Oak Lawn Community High School, Oak Lawn IL

Andrew Mach

Dissertation: Claiming America: Irish Catholic Memory and the Nation, 1865-1925
Placement: Coordinator for Advising Operations, Newnan Academic Advising Center, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Spring 2019

Jonathan Riddle

Dissertation: Prospering Body and Soul: Health Reform, Religion, and Capitalism in Antebellum America
Placement: Assistant Professor of History, Seaver College, Pepperdine University, Malibu CA

Heather Stanfiel

Dissertation: Imperial Heritage: Empire and Commemoration in Pre-Independence Ireland

Aurelio Valarezo-Dueñas

Dissertation: Para el bien universal y quietud de esta república y provincia: Political Culture, Representation and Policy Making in Seventeenth-Century Northern Andes

Fall 2018

Elizabeth Baker

Dissertation: 'More Romance than Reality': Mary Carpenter, 'Native Gentlemen,' and Female Education Reform in India
Placement:  Assistant Professor of Modern European History, Grove City College, Grove City PA

Jessica Fisher

Dissertation: The Rise and Fall of the Ribbonmen: Ribbonism in Ireland and Abroad, c. 1810-1858

Garrett Fontenot

Dissertation: Voluntarism and Imperial Supremacy: Politics and the Military Establishment in the Expansion of the British Empire in French North America, 1760-1775
Placement: Manager of Fellowships and Honorific Scholarships, Ogden Honors College, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge LA

Yin Liu

Dissertation: Teaching the Secunda Lex: Deuteronomy and Church Reform at Lyon in the Age of Charlemagne 
Placement: Faculty Member, School of History, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

John Shanley

Dissertation: Catholic Freedom, Protestant Slavery? Reconsidering Anti-Catholicism in Maryland, 1688-1776

Kathryn Vidrine

Dissertation: Belief in Power: Building a National Church of Ireland, 1660-1689
Placement: Assistant Director of Doctoral Studies, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame

Summer 2018

Maria Cecilia Ulrickson

Dissertation: 'Esclavos que fueron' in Santo Domingo, 1768-1844
Placement: Assistant Professor of American Church History, Catholic University of America, Washington DC

Spring 2018

Jairo Campuzano Hoyos

Dissertation: The Quest for Material Progress in Global Perspective: Colombia 1840s-1900s
Placement: Profesor Titular, Eafit University, Medellin, Colombia

Bethany Montagano

Dissertation: Sites of Slavery: Gender, Race and Tourism in the Construction of America's Slavery Memory
Placement: Director of University of Southern California Museums, Los Angeles CA

Felicia Moralez

Dissertation: From Immigrants to Citizens: Mexicans and Settlement Houses in Gary, Indiana, 1919-1965

David Morris

Dissertation: Apocalypse Now or Later: The Manuscript Tradition of the Super Prophetas (Super Essaiam) of Pseudo-Joachim of Fiore
Placement: Director of the Souvay Memorial Library at Kenrick Glennon Seminary, St. Louis MO

James Strasburg

Dissertation: God's Marshall Plan: American Protestantism and the Democratization of Germany, 1910-1963
Placement: Associate Professor of History, Hillsdale College MI

Alexander Wimberly

Dissertation: Present Witness: The Confession of 1967 and the Travails of Presbyterians in American Society
Placement: Leader of the Corrymeela Community (Northern Ireland’s oldest peace and reconciliation organization), Belfast, Northern Ireland