Thomas Harvell-DeGolier

Thomas  Harvell-DeGolier


I am a Doctoral Student at the History Department of Notre Dame with a graduate minor in peace studies. I study transnational ideological networks in the Americas, specifically regarding concepts of development, conservatism, and the construction of the Inter-American Drug Wars. I have a particular interest in how the Wars on Drugs functioned in a transnational, and comparative fashion, with specific interests in the United States, Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil.


In 2019 I received my B.A. in History with minors in Religion and  Political Science at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX, and I received my M.A. in History from Villanova in 2021. I have presented at the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations in 2021 and the American Historical Association in 2019, and I hope to continue sharing my research with both academic audiences and the broader public.