Stephanie Truskowski

Stephanie  Truskowski

History Department

Stephanie Truskowski is a PhD student who studies the history of Central Europe in the 19th century.  She received a BA in History from UCLA, a Master’s in Modern History from Utrecht University, and a Master’s in Social Science from the University of Chicago.  Her research focuses on the Habsburg empire and the overlapping concepts of nationalism, liberalism, and monarchy.  Her research has also explored the international connections of the Habsburg empire and the German states to the Americas.  The Master’s thesis that she completed at the University of Chicago argued that the execution of Maximilian I of Mexico was interpreted in the Habsburg empire as both martyrdom for the ideals of liberalism and as an example of the dangers of republicanism in countries that had once been part of the Spanish empire

Her dissertation project will build upon her Master’s thesis and will dig deeper into Maximilian’s liberalism before the establishment of the second Mexican empire.  It will also ask questions about how the Habsburg empire imagined oversea empire and the legacy of the Spanish Habsburgs.