Sean Raming

Sean Raming


Sean Raming holds an M.A. in U.S. History from Grenoble Alpes University in France and B.A. degrees in liberal studies and French from Montana State University. He wrote his master’s thesis on international activism against the United States’ War in Vietnam, specifically exploring the Russell Tribunal of 1967 and its influence in global anti-war efforts.


At the Kroc Institute, Sean has continued to expand his understanding of the 20th century U.S. military, its effects on culture, and how peace studies and history inform militarism. His dissertation will examine the US labor movement’s role in military production during the Cold War. This relationship provided a material basis for the culture of US violence abroad. It also repeatedly motivated the anti-imperialist impulse of earlier class-based activism, with vital implications for the peace movement.


Sean was a recipient of a 2021-22 Pepe Fellowship in Peace Studies. He is currently an editorial assistant at Modern American History. He participates in the Moreau College Initiative and the Warrior-Scholar Project.