Ella Hadacek

Ella  Hadacek

History Department

Ella Hadacek’s research explores how the interplay of ideas between culturally marginalized American Catholicism and culturally hegemonic American Protestantism illuminates the development of American identity during the long nineteenth century, particularly among Catholic women.  She is interested in analyzing instances where ideas, stories, and rhetoric cross between Catholics and Protestants, including Catholic memory of the Puritans, the connection between transcendentalists and the Catholic elite, belonging claims among converts to Catholicism, and Catholic women’s involvement in Progressive reforms like Prohibition, the settlement movement, and suffrage.  Hadacek received her BA in History from Northwest Nazarene University in May 2018 and her MA in History from Baylor University in May 2022.  Prior to attending Baylor, Hadacek worked in content creation and brand marketing.