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ND historian Father Robert Sullivan reassesses a Victorian icon

Author: Michael O. Garvey

Rev. Robert E. Sullivan

“Macaulay: The Tragedy of Power,” by Rev. Robert E. Sullivan, associate professor of history and associate vice president for academic mission support at the University of Notre Dame, recently was published by Harvard University Press. Since his death 150 years ago, English historian, politician, public intellectual and Victorian icon Thomas Babington Macaulay has been remembered as the author of the influential “History of England,” as an imperial administrator who made English the common language of India and gave that country a system of criminal law which survives to this day, and as a pioneering and effective apologist for English nationalism. The sales of his popular books on both sides of the Atlantic often rivaled those of Charles Dickens. But it was principally Macaulay’s erudition that drew Father Sullivan’s interest. Read More