Film Screening: Sister


Location: Browning Cinema, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Directed by Ursula Meier

Ursula Meier sets her second feature-length drama against the backdrop of a popular tourist destination in the Alps. From the broad, anonymous mass of people, she has distilled the story of one child who believes he has found a way to offset his breadline existence.

To purchase tickets, please call the box office at 574.631.2800 or visit

A limited number of free tickets are available at the Nanovic Institute for Nanovic fellows and minors in the European studies program.

This film is part of the Nanovic Institute Fall 2013 Film Series: Young and Broke in Europe.

Observers are speaking of a new ‘lost generation’ in Europe as youth unemployment in Europe soars from 24% in the eurozone to above 60% in certain countries like Greece. Statistics only tell us part of this story. What light does European cinema shed on the human dimensions of this profound intergenerational crisis?

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