Minor Requirements

The Minor in History

The minor in History is designed to offer a formal program and pedagogical structure to those students who have an interest in History, but do not have room to be full majors. The program is designed to be flexible while offering students a pedagogically sound introduction to the discipline of History.

Requirements of the Minor

The minor in History consists of 15 credit hours (five courses) with no prerequisites.

To complete the Minor, students must complete the following courses:

-History Workshop: The History Workshop is the Department’s introduction to the discipline of History at the university level. The course teaches students to think like historians—to weigh historical evidence, evaluate historical arguments, and understand the nature of historical debate.

-Four General Electives, one of which includes a research component (with no more than one course taken abroad, and no more than one taken at the 10000 level, including History University Seminars). Students may take any major-level courses in History.

-Students may fulfill the research requirement one of two ways: by taking a Departmental Seminar (a class with a 43XXX number), or by taking another regular History offering that includes a research paper. 

Declaring the Minor

Students may contact Jake Lundberg, Director of Undergraduate Studies to declare the History Minor.