Past and Present Majors on...Why History?

Why History Photo Tianyi







"I have always dreamed to be a storyteller. My History studies helped me realize that and fills my repertoire with finer and more solid contents. Then also as the saying goes, it is through the study of history that one truly starts to have a history." -  Tianyi Tan '18



Loughran Ryan







"I find the study of history exciting.  When I came to Notre Dame, I knew I wanted to follow my passion for learning, and History would allow me to grow the most as a student. Being a History major has allowed me to obtain knowledge, gain insight into our world today, and develop critical thinking skills. As I begin my last semester at Notre Dame, I still get the same feeling of excitement studying history. I have had the opportunity to study and travel in Israel, Italy, and Ireland. These travels have allowed my History studies to come to life. I have analyzed the great mosaics of Rome from the fifth century, studied Daniel O’Connell’s influence on the Irish Nationalist Movement, and swam in the Sea of Galilee. These opportunities of learning have been incredible experiences for me that would not be the same if I had not studied History. My studies have truly coincided with my travels and have allowed me to understand the importance of events in the area of the world that they have occurred. I have seen the subjects I study jump off the page, and really influence me as a student and a person. History has allowed for me to grow as an effective communicator, to develop analytical thinking skills, and to become a much more interesting person through the knowledge that I have obtained. These have helped me in the interview process, and to secure job offers. Majoring in History allows you to discover the world of the past while creating a foundation to dream of the future."- Ryan Loughran ‘17




Fay Dearbla









"I chose History because I love the subject and reading about the past. I knew the major would offer great classes. After graduation, I plan to move on to Graduate School."- Dearbla Fay ‘17















"I study history because it's what I'm passionate about. Though technology, politics, and cultures of people vary across time and location, human nature remains the same. In history, we learn about that human nature. I enjoy dissecting the people, places, and events I study to really see what makes them tick."- John Lombardo '19



Amanda Ball









"I decided to become a history major after taking the Political Science/History course, Europe at War. In that course, I found an engaging professor and a compelling argument for the relevance of the historical narrative. When I went to the history info session, I saw how many professors offered courses I found interesting within the history department and how committed the department is to supporting their students. I love my history major because I am passionate about how the education system has the opportunity to create informed and compassionate individuals through historical awareness fostered in the classroom. As I have continued to study history at the University, I am further convinced that understanding history is essential for the pursuit of a more just world." - Amanda Ball '18


Mike Pohl













“I decided to major in history because as Winston Churchill stated, ‘Study history, study history.  In history lies all the secrets of statecraft.’  I believe it is necessary to learn about both the triumphs and failures of the past in order to make the world a little better than I found it whether I end up working in government, finance, industry, or anywhere else. The history major is extremely diverse  in courses offered.  There is something to quench everyone's intellectual thirst! I plan on using my degree to excel in business school and pursue a career in business management.  I believe that the history major has helped me develop strong analytical and persuasive writing that will serve me well as I pursue a master's degree.” – Michael Pohl ‘17


Isabel Weber









"I became a history major because we can't really understand the world today until we know where we came from. The patterns in historical events teach us that many of the triumphs and struggles we face today are fundamental to the human condition. I also love that you can take the history major in so many directions. For every requirement, there is bound to be a class that sparks your interest." - Isabel Weber '20 



Frankie Hagan









“I've always had a passion for knowing how we got to where we are. I've taken the idea that history repeats itself quite seriously, and I feel that studying history is how I can avoid making the same mistakes as those who went before me. I love that the major has shown me how relative the idea of history actually is, and how it has helped me hone my ability to form my own ideas based off of primary sources-not just accepting what someone else has decided. As a NROTC midshipman, I hope to serve as a naval aviator post-college. I think the history major will serve me well in this regard because it has given me the critical thinking and communication skills that are imperative for leadership, but also the understanding of differing viewpoints that is so necessary in today's complex geopolitical environment.” – Frankie Hagan ‘19 


Gabriella Perino









“I am a firm believer in the notion that we are unable to comprehend the future if we don't first understand our past. I will be entering the field of education and intend to pursue a career teaching in inner city communities and schools. It is so incredibly important to understand the history of the American people, especially those who have endured poverty as well as those living amidst the ever-present battles pertaining to race. I can only hope that my respect for and knowledge of their past will allow me the strength in the classroom necessary to provide my students with the courage to not only dream, but also achieve.”- Gabriela Perino ‘17


Zach Myszka









"I've always loved learning about the past and imagining what it was like to live in other periods of history. The thing I love most about history is how you can study the whole human experience and its historical context, everything from how bread was made in Sumeria to how the Cold War played out in Korea, and see the connection between the past and the present. I plan on working as an accountant after graduation. History, besides being a conversation starter, gives me the writing skills and critical thinking to raise questions about business practices and the data analysis skills to understand how numbers and everyday reality meet.”- Zach Myszka ‘18



Alex Senior Picture












"I major in history because I love witnessing how the U.S., the world, and humanity have all changed over the course of time. In addition, I love analyzing moments in time that made a huge impact on the world. Lastly, history allows be to become more connected to politics, since politicians use history as a way to back up their points." - Alex Weishan '21