What our alumni are saying...

"Throughout my years as a history major at Notre Dame, I acquired many skills necessary for success after graduation. In addition to instruction on reading an academic essay and writing a research paper, my inspiring professors fostered within me a deep love for learning. It is this sentiment that I bring forth daily as I tutor high school students in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

"City on a Hill Charter Public School is located just south of bustling downtown Boston. Every day 280 students and 75 faculty members arrive at school ready to conquer the daunting task of preparing for college acceptance. As a tutor, I work with small groups of students who are often far below grade level in literacy in numeracy skills. Many days my students arrive in class without the motivation to read another passage from Macbeth, or to complete another Geometry proof. However, one look at the thirty foot high word “COLLEGE” painted on the wall inspires them to endeavor onward. With this inspiration, and my persistent encouragement, I hope to pass along the love for learning I acquired at Notre Dame to my students each and every day."       

- Erin McNeill  (Class of 2011 )

"I was living in Chicago for two years and was pursuing journalism, after getting my Masters in Education, working Time Out Chicago as the Kids Editor, writing and editing and all that and having fun. But then I started tutoring this girl at a high school in the city and the subject I had requested to tutor in, was of course, history.

"Long story short, started looking forward more to my couple hours a week tutoring than I was to my everyday job, realized something was missing, and went for the big change. A few months and lots of money for a moving truck later, I'm teaching back home in Buffalo. I'm a very proud U.S. History teacher to about 90 juniors at Nardin Academy, an all girls school in downtown Buffalo. I absolutely love it.

"Felt like I owed it to you guys, and wanted to let you know. Pretty sure the good old history dept, along with some other factors, had something to do with this one!" 

- Joanna Batt  (Class of  2008 )










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