History 20/20

History 20/20 introduces current history majors to the stunning variety of vocations pursued by their predecessors to show how majoring in history can bring their future into clearer focus. On home football Fridays this fall, our goal is to bring 20 history alumni to campus to tell 20 stories that highlight the distinct paths they took from history major to where they are now.

Alumni Who Have Participated in History 20/20:

  1. Anne Martell Parker (HIST '08) teaches high school global studies, history, and government at a public school in western New York. After graduating from Notre Dame, Annie furthered her passion for history by gaining a master's in Social Studies Education at the University of Buffalo. In addition to beginning her fifth year of high school social studies teaching this fall, she is also now teaching graduate social studies curriculum courses at the University of Buffalo. She is eager to talk to students interested in education (broadly defined).

  2. John "Al" Hosinski (HIST '96) serves as Senior Program Officer in the Africa Department at the Solidarity Center, a non-profit international worker rights organization in Washington, DC. After graduating from Notre Dame, Al spent a year in Poland on a Fulbright research fellowship and then returned to the US to earn a master's in International Affairs at George Washington University. Since then he has worked with the Solidarity Center, conducting research, publishing investigative reports, contributing op-eds, and drafting policy proposals to promote democracy and international development in over seventeen countries. He is interested in meeting majors eager to learn about careers related to policymaking, international development, and social justice.

  3. Chris Hine (HIST '09) is currently a sports writer for the Chicago Tribune. During his time at Notre Dame, he worked on the staff of the school newspaper, The Observer, and served as sports editor and eventually editor-in-chief his senior year. He interned at the Los Angeles Times following his junior year and the New York Times after his senior year. Those internships helped him land a job at the Chicago Tribune in Nov. 2009, and he has been working there ever since. He has served a variety of roles while there including writer and copy editor and currently is the Notre Dame beat writer.

  4. Peter Balestracci (HIST '11) is a Project Manager at Epic, a healthcare software company in Madison, Wisconsin, that develops, implements, and provides ongoing support for their electronic health record systems. His customers are typically large healthcare systems whose staffs need to integrate large amounts of patient data. Pete was recruited by Epic while a senior history major, and he has worked there since graduation.

  5. Jimmy Bettcher  (HIST ’07; minored in HESB, THEO) is the Strategic Analyst & Program Manager - Corporate Responsibility at Cummins Inc. After graduating from ND, Jimmy spent a year and a half in Uganda working as a community development consultant for Holy Cross. Upon returning to the US, he managed a refugee support program in South Bend for families that fled conflicts from across the globe. With strong interests in enterprise-driven sustainable development in Africa, he then chose to go to business school for an MBA. He now manages strategic social impact initiatives for Cummins in emerging markets such as India and Africa.

  6. Megan Casserlie (HIST '05) is a marketing/product analyst Progressive Insurance.

  7. Jim Dixon (HIST '67) retired in 2012 after forty-three years in the intelligence business first as an Army officer, then a Department of Defense civilian, and finally a consultant).

  8. Frank Dunn (HIST '67) retired in 2010 after a successful career in sales of business and software applications, rising to vice president of sales for several companies; he currently acts as a consultant to large private equity firms and software startups.

  9. Matthew Moore (HIST '94) works in software development and consulting, currently as Director of Process Consulting at Fruition Partner.

  10. Michael Belatti (HIST '11) Research Analyst, Equicorp Partners I have been serving as a research analyst for Equicorp Partners since graduating from the University of Notre Dame in May, 2011. In addition to conducting research and due diligence work for the partnership, I lived in Panajachel, Guatemala for 22 months, working to create new business models for the developing economies of Guatemala, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and South Africa in cooperation with Greg Van Kirk and CE Solutions. During the summer of 2011 I trained in restaurant operations under Dick Holbrook, former CEO and co-owner of J.Christopher’s Restaurants. Recently I rejoined Equicorp Partners in June of 2013 to assist in the development and expansion of restaurant concepts.

  11. John Brennan (HIST ‘13) I decided to go straight to law school after graduating from Notre Dame in 2013. In addition to enjoying my coursework so far in law school, I have loved the various experiences I have had outside of the classroom. As a research assistant for my professor, I have conducted research in connection with a false advertising study. This year, I have been busy performing editing tasks and drafting a note for the Notre Dame Law Review.  This past summer, I had a wonderful experience when I served as an intern for a federal judge in Manhattan. Next summer, I will be working as a summer associate for Willkie, Farr & Gallagher, a law firm in New York.  
  12. Drew Danik (HIST '75)  I received my master's degree from Indiana University and have taught for seven years at LaLumiere School in LaPorte, Indiana.  I also taught for 25 years in various South Bend Intermediate Centers (grades 5-8). Currently, I am on the Advisory Board for the new Education Center getting ready for construction at the Vietnam Wall in Washington, D.C. 
  13. Dave Finocchio (HIST/ECON '05) After graduating in 2005, a group of friends and I launched Bleacher Report as a next-generation sports brand focused on real-time and comprehensive coverage of teams and leagues.  B/R is currently the 2nd largest sports website in the United States with over 40 million monthly readers, and is experiencing rapid growth oversees. Currently I serve as the B/R's General Manager and am looking forward to meeting with History majors this week.

  14. Mico Holguin (HIST '80)  I was in the Army ROTC DMG. After serving for 5 years in the U.S. Army, I decided to go into sales. I remained in the Army Reserve and retired from the U.S. Army in 2006. In my civilian career, I worked for Colgate-Palmolive for 3 years before being hired by Abbott Laboratories (15 years). During my tenure at Abbott, I completed my employer paid MBA and then went on to Cardinal Health/Catalent (7 years) before spending my last 5 years in Baxter.  Most of my sales career has been in B2B sales. My career has been based on my ability to communicate, compete and create opportunities.  

  15. Christopher Kozelichki  After graduating from Notre Dame, I began working in Veterinary Medicine and considered attending Veterinary School before realizing that my calling was elsewhere. I then studied law at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law in Bloomington, IN. While in Law School, I clerked for the Indiana Attorney General's Office for the Solicitor General. . After leaving the AG's office, I began serving as a clerk with the Marion County Prosecutor's Office in the Major Felony Division. As an attorney, I began working for the MCPO in the Juvenile Division. I then transitioned to the Special Victim's Team in December of 2012. I currently specialize in prosecuting domestic violence, crimes against children, and sex crimes. I am also the co-chair of our Animal Cruelty unit which investigates, screens and prosecutes crimes against animals.  

  16. Heather McCurdy, Ed.D., NBCT (HIST, MI ’93)  After graduating in 1993, I enrolled at Indiana University to pursue an M.A.T. in Social Studies Education. In 1994, I took a teaching position in the southwest suburbs of Chicago while continuing my Masters.  A 1996 James Madison Fellowship for History Teachers allowed me to take Constitutional History courses through Georgetown University. A subsequent grant to complete a summer of Holocaust Studies through Yad Vashem in Israel and Poland also provided opportunities to practice the skills I had learned as a student in the History department. Eventually, having found myself fascinated with the science and art of curriculum design and the way it influenced student learning, I enrolled in a curriculum and leadership doctoral program through Northern Illinois University in 1999—all while continuing my full time work serving the students of Reavis High School. Through a portfolio development process, I earned National Board Teacher Certification in 2011. After 19 years in the classroom, I now serve as the Director of Curriculum and Technology. 

  17. Clare Nolan (HIST '96)  I have worked as a public defender since graduating from Catholic University Columbus School of Law in May 2005. I have represented indigent Georgians and Alaskans charged with the most minor offenses all the way up to serious felonies. I have also been first chair on a couple dozen jury trials. While in Dekalb County Georgia, I was the point person for the State of Georgia Public Defender Offices training defense attorneys on the Immigration Consequences for criminal pleas and convictions. In Alaska, I represented parents in dependency proceedings when the State was attempting to take custody of their children; in many cases I represented those same individuals in their criminal cases. Currently, I represent juveniles/children in dependency and delinquency proceedings in three juvenile courts south of Atlanta. I am also representing several adults in their criminal appeals. Prior to going to law school and becoming a lawyer, I volunteered with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and worked in Refugee Resettlement with Catholic Charities in Nashville, Tennessee. I continued working in Refugee Resettlement and worked as a volunteer and orientation coordinator in Catholic Social Services in Atlanta, Georgia. I received a Masters from Georgia Tech in City and Regional Planning with a concentration in Economic Development.

  18. Arnie Phifer (HIST '90) In 1993, I earned an MS in Geography at the Univ. of Massachusetts-Amherst. I then moved to Austin, Texas, and spent several years working for a small wildlife conservation organization in a number of capacities: communications, fund raising, land preservation, etc. That experience really brought together all I had learned in both the liberal arts and the sciences, and set the stage for my career so far. In 2001, I moved to DC and led corporate and foundation relations for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the largest general science society in the US and the publisher of the journal Science. In 2004, I followed another opportunity to Southern California, where I worked for the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution for Science. In 2010, my wife (also an ND grad) and I moved our family back to Notre Dame, where I could assume my current position. Today, I spend most of my time managing the day-to-day operations of an initiative that serves more than 50 faculty who conduct interdisciplinary research to solve biomedical and environmental problems.

  19. Maureen Rhodes I double majored in History and Political Science at ND and graduated in 2009.  I currently work for U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson in his Atlanta, Georgia, office as Executive Assistant and Grants Director. In this capacity, I assist with a variety of projects and also oversee Senator Isakson’s internship program in both Atlanta and Washington, D.C. In fact, one of my goals is to encourage more ND students with Georgia ties to intern with us—especially ahead of ND playing UGA.

  20. Edward Schmitt (HIST '92)  I went to Marquette University for graduate study in history and received my Ph.D. in 2003.  I've taught at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside - a small, public, basically open enrollment university for (I can't believe it!) eleven years. In 2010 my book President of the Other America: Robert Kennedy and the Politics of Poverty was published by the University of Massachusetts Press.  I'm currently working on a book project about the unique role of comedian and activist Dick Gregory in the social movements of the 1960s and beyond. I have three children, ages 10, 13, and 24.  

  21. Jay Tidmarsh (HIST '79) After receiving my degree in history, I attended Harvard Law School, and then worked for seven years as a Trial Attorney in the United States Department of Justice.  Since 1989, I have taught at Notre Dame Law School, and have also visited at Michigan and Harvard Law Schools.  My particular areas of expertise are complex civil litigation and civil procedure, although I teach a wide array of courses in the law school.

  22. John Wukovits (HIST ’67)  After graduating from Notre Dame, I attended Michigan State University where I earned my MA in American History in 1968.  I embarked upon a junior high school teaching career immediately after, and retired from teaching in 2005.  In the mid-1980s I also began to write, first for local and Detroit newspapers, then on to history and sports magazines. Finally I began to write the World War II books I now work on.  I am currently writing a history of the Marine Corps in World War II, as well as a history of Notre Dame Chaplains in the same war. I also give history presentations around the country, including talks delivered to the ND Air Force ROTC, at the Smithsonian, at the Naval War College, and other locations.

  23. John 'Al' Hosinski (HIST '96) I graduated in 1996 and specialized in modern European history with a distinct real focus on  Central and Eastern Europe. I spent a year in Poland on a Fulbright scholarship studying post-1989 Church-State relations but came back to the U.S. still uncertain about my career direction and options. A difficulty I had at the time was balancing academic goals dreams with financial realities. I moved to Washington DC, took a an entry level job editing Internet content, and after considering grad school options, enrolled at the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University. After graduating with an MA in International Affairs – focusing on democracy, international development and democracy assistance, I took a job with the Solidarity Center working on projects in Eastern Europe, serving primarily as a DC-based grant writer and project manager. After some time spent living overseas (Croatia) and I came back to the Solidarity Center, but found I had to adapt to ever- changing grant funding priorities. To date, I’ve worked on projects in over seventeen countries, and written a number of investigative and policy-focused  reports on worker rights issues in Thailand, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Zimbabwe. I currently cover our Southern Africa portfolio, which includes projects in South Africa, Mozambique and Zambia as well as work with trade unions in very difficult political environments like Swaziland and Zimbabwe where human rights and worker rights are constrained.

  24. Peter Loftus (HIST '92) My interest in journalism was sparked by working for The Observer from 1989 to 1992. I wrote about the fledgling efforts by gay and lesbian students for university recognition, and helped uncover the loss of thousands of dollars of student fees that were used to stage ill-timed concerts. After graduating in '92, I worked for community newspapers outside Philadelphia,  covering murder trials and other court news, as well as interviewing local veterans for various anniversaries of WWII and the Vietnam War. In 1997 I moved to New York and began working for Dow Jones Newswires, where my beats included the technology and pharmaceutical industries. I moved to the  WSJ in 2013 and cover the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare. I have written about the hiccups of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the  recent Ebola outbreak, and the drug industry's development of expensive new  treatments for cancer and hepatitis C. I have also found time to write about non-healthcare stories such as the "Duffy's Cut" project outside Philly, where historians have unearthed the remains of Irish immigrant railroad workers who died in a cholera epidemic in the 1840's and were buried in a mass grave next to the tracks. Working on stories like these have allowed me to continue the  history education I received at ND.