Notes to Non-Majors

Notes to Non-Majors

Please note that while the Department aims to make History courses available to as many students as possible, we cannot guarantee individuals access to particular courses.  If you prove unable to register via InsideND for a desired course, you may make a special request for an exemption by emailing However, please note that exemptions will not normally be given until AFTER all students have had their registration appointments.  In any request for an exemption, please note your major, class year, and reason for wanting the course (university requirement, elective, etc.).  Priority is always given to students with compelling intellectual cases (not those simply aiming to find a preferred time slot or “needing a requirement”).

Unless noted in the individual course description, any three-credit History course listed below satisfies the university history requirement (or College of Arts & Letters History/Social Science requirement). 

Courses (or crosslists) beginning with a 1 are generally reserved for first-year students, and other students generally need permission from the Dean of First Year Studies to register for them.  University seminars, designated by the number HIST 13184, are restricted exclusively to first-year students.

Most courses beginning with a 2 are generally open to all students, but sometimes seats are reserved for sophomores and/or first-year students, especially during initial registration.

Courses beginning with a 30 or 40 are generally open to all students, but since they are major-level courses, some seats are restricted to history majors.  If there are open seats restricted to history majors once initial registration for all students has ended, the department may lift the restriction to accommodate more non-majors.

If you have any other questions, please visit the Department of History office in 219 O’Shaughnessy Hall or call 631-7266 during regular business hours.

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