Senior Thesis Prize Archive

Senior Honors Thesis Award


Joseph Henares

"Redefining Reason to Make Room for Faith: The Rational and the Supernatural in the Thought of Five Gifford Lecturers

Billy McMahon
"Here the People Speak: The Collectivist Impulse and the Resurgence of Left-Zapatismo in Eastern Chiapas"


Alexander (Py) Killen

"A Mic for the Marginalized: Gender, Generation, and Uganda Hip-Hop"

Kathryn Squiers

"The Liberalization of Parental Visitation Policies in American Pediatric Hospitals: A Case Study of How the Culture of Medicine Evolves Over Time"



Camille Suarez

"Roots Radical? The NAACP and the Scottsboro Cases, 1931-1933"



Joe VanderZee

"The Blind Seeking the Invisible:  Magical Realism and the History of the Province of Peru by Diego Francisco Altamirano (1625-1715)"

Mark Kettler

"In Steadfast Loyalty:  Bavarian Nationalism and Imperial Allegiance in the Second Reich"



Michelle Gaseor

“The ‘Lucie’ Dreyfus Affair: Imagining a Heroine in Fin-de-Siècle France”

Stephanie Mulhern

“The Devil or the Sinner: Idolatry and Gender in Late Colonial Lima”



Jackie Mirandola Mullen

“’Pristine Nature’ between Steel Mills and Subdivisions: How Land Use Conflicts Created the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore”



Allyson Brantley

“Rebellion as Entertainment: Tijuana's Tourist Industry, 1880-1910, and the 1911 Insurrection in Baja California”



Jessica Nelson

"Shamrocks in Mexico: The Story of the San Patricio Batallion and Irish Assimilation During the Mexican-American War"

Gregory Wagman

"Churchill's Secret Invasion: The British Balkan Scheme"



Rachel Meeks

"Women and the Tibetan Refugee Community: Negotiating Deference and Promoting Nationalism"

Adam Snider

"Christ and Scripture in Christian-Pagan Dialogue, 180-410 AD"



Michelle Garvey

"La Sorella Fascista: The Italian Occupation of Ethiopia through the Eyes of a Fascist Sister"



Alexander Strittmatter

"An Empire Divided: The Dominions and British Policy Formulation during the Czechoslovak Crisis"



Jacob Baska

"Damn Bastards: The Development of Identity in Colonial Vermont"



Julie L. Schutte

"L'Esposizione Universale Di Roma 1942: The Embodiment of and Metaphor for the Italian Fascist State"