Phi Alpha Theta Members

Phi Alpha Theta (ΦΑΘ) is an American honor society for undergraduate and graduate students and professors of history. The society is a charter member of the Association of College Honor Societies and has over 350,000 members, with about 9,500 new members joining each year through 860 local chapters.

Members of Phi Alpha Theta are eligible to apply for the honor society’s awards and scholarships offered each year. Phi Alpha Theta awards scholarships and other prizes on the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level. All student members are eligible to present a paper at our Biennial Convention and at the Phi Alpha Theta Regional Meeting in their area. For a detailed listing of our extensive awards program, visit the Prizes/Awards sections of

Students who have completed at least four major courses in history, earning a grade point average of 3.8 or above are eligible for the Notre Dame chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, a national history honor society.  The History Department initiates new members once per year. The invitation to join Phi Alpha Theta, therefore, distinguishes the History major with high achievement.

Current Members

Class of 2018: Adam Moeller, Ivan Carballude, Paul Compton, Victor Del Valle, Anne Vieser, Haydn Pettersoen, Amanda Ball, Devon Chenelle, Elizabeth Crimmins, Haejin K-So, Michaela Larson, Marek Mazurek, Laura Neis, Emily Okupski, Claire Pugh, Margaret Rogers, Janet Stengle, Tianyi Tan, Conor Ward, Caroline Whalen

Graduated Members

Class of 2017:  William (Robert) Billups, Connor Bliss, Thomas Davis, Theresa Finneran, Kelly Fleckenstein, Katie Gallagher, Spencer Gordon, Henry Herbst, Marc Horvath, Peter Jensen, Clare Kossler, Katherine Luotto, Emily McConville, Erik Mickiewicz, Conor Murphy, James Pennoyer,Dylan Stevenson, Shannon Riley, Aniela Tyksinski, Zhixing Zhang, Rose Anderson, Louis Bertolotti, Mary Burke, Margaret Costello, Dearbhla Fay, Molly Iott, Samuel Jezak, Julia Kim, Zachariah Klonsinski, Michael Pohl, Eileen Sullivan, Shannon Takahata, John Taylor

Class of 2016: Megan Ball, Genevieve Bellon, Adrian Bottomley, Wyatt Christiansen, Madeline Cole, Michael Del Genio, Christopher DeSapio, Jonathan Eagan, Ann Flynn, Caitlin Flanagan, Brenna Gautam, John Gillen, Michael Ginocchio, Bright Gyamfi, Molly Howell, Angelica Inclan, Katie Irving, Mary Irving, Christian Koerwer, Kelly Laco, Esther Lee, Thomas Lis, Michael Logue, Madeline Lugli, Grace Maginn, Colleen Marshall, Marc Mazzucco, Nicholas McCarty, Emily McConville, Hunter McDaniel, John McMackin, Hope Moon, Caitlin O'Connor, David Oh,Seung-Jae Oh, Keiler Pulling, Ryan Rizzuto, Cristina Sanchez, Katherine Taylor, Mary Katherine Whelan

Class of 2015: Leilani Aldridge, MacKenzie Buss, Patrick Butler, Dominic Campion, Carmen Casillas, Patrick Dever, Victor Diaz, Anastasia Evanich, Elise Fernandez, Katherine Flynn, Brenna Gautam,Cailean Geary, Christine Gibbons, Chen Gong, Jessica Goston, John Groden, Timothy Hankins, Joseph Henares, Michael Judd, Ryan Langton, Sophia Loftus, Genevieve Lyons, Joseph McNally, Patrick Meade, Sarah Murphy, Emma O'Shea, Anne Plachta, Jacqueline Price, Melanie Sajbel, Kincaid Schmitz, Luke Shadley, Brian Stahl, Gregory Sweetman, Patrick Valencia, Connor P. Walsh, Peter Weber, Cassidy Whidden, Anastasia Wright 

Class of 2014: Joshua Bathon, John Bernard, Dan Brombach, Brenna Carlson, John Carlson, Daniel Colston, John Cotter, Mia Counts, Kaitlin Demchuk, Kimberly Dumais, Colin Geils, Jeffrey Gerlomes, Ryan Gerspach, Edward Gibbons, Madeline Gillen, Regina Gilmour, Travis Hart, Robert Hess, Helen Howard, Victoria Jacobsen, David Kenney, Timothy Kenney, Alexander Killen, Sean Langan, Kathryn Marshall, Daniel McDermott, Eileen McLaughlin, Erin McMannon, Paul Menke, Leo Mironovich, Matthew Niendorf, Anthony Oleck, Justin Orr,  Grace Paz, Matthew Racine, Isaiah (Jude) Rhodes, Thomas Roman, Teresa Rubinger, David Smith, Kathryn Squiers,  Mary Claire (Molly) Toner