O'Brien Award Archive

Monsignor Francis A. O'Brien Award

Best essay by a senior history major


Mary Burke
"A 'New Class' of His Own: Milovan Dijlas and the Intellectual History of Dissent"


Kelly Laco
"Anzac Memory and the Great War: A Bloody Defeat Transformed into a Victory for Australian Nationalism"

Zhixing "George" Zhang
Though Dead He Still Liveth': The Chinese Labour Corps in the First World War".


Anastasia Evanich
"The Interaction between State and Commerce during WWI as seen through British Tobacco Advertisements "

Katie Luotto 
"A Woman's Silver Lining: Mrs. Delia Hammond Locke and Perceptions of Womanhood in 1850s California"


Tony Oleck
"The Land O'Lakes Innovation: Papal Authority, Anti-Modernism, and the Land O'Lakes Vision"


Joseph Ahmad
"The Apotheosis of Love: Critiques of Fin 'Amor and the Development of Romantic Love"

Gregory de la Iglesia
"Managing Total Infection:  Public Health and Research Initiative to Combat the 1918-19 Pandemic in the United Kingdom"


Claire Mysliwiec
"How Blest the Righteous When He Dies?:  Shifting Visions of Heaven in the Methodist Hymnody of the Civil War Era"


Joseph VanderZee
Looking Abroad for Answers:  Mexico’s Confidential Communications with Foreign Embassies in ’68


Jackie Mirandola-Mullen
Pristine Nature’ between Steels Mills and Subdivisions: How Land Use Conflicts Created the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore"


Brian Corrigan
“’Let Us Do Whatever It Takes’: The Strategic and Domestic Implications of Lyndon Johnson’s Space Policy

Laura Yamartino
“’A Turning Point in the Campaign for Equality’: An Analysis of the ERA Ratification Campaign in Indiana


Peter Van
"Loss of Meaning: The De-Politicization of Cold War Protest Music"


Megan Hawley
"Fashioning the Individual: Clothing in Renaissance Italy"


Kamaria Porter
"You Must Fight Injustice Wherever You Find it' Monsignor John J. Egan and Catholic Action Against Segregation in Chicago"


Ryan Metheny
"Jewish Immigration and the Industrial Removal Office"

Mary Rao
"Deism and Christianity in Colonial America"


Matthew Ziegler
"Great Britain and Latin American Independence: A Case Study of British Diplomacy involving Argentina and Colombia, 1806-1825"


Jessica Sharron
"Krupp and IG Farben: Justice at Nuremberg?"

John William Jacobs, Jr.
"The History of the Interstate System and the Social Consequences of Constructing Highways in Urban Areas"


John-Paul William Drevline
"Ernst Kaltenbrunner and the Fusion of Nazi Intelligence Services"


Alena Stransky
"An Earthly Battle Within a Cosmic War: C. S. Lewis on the Christians Role in War and World War II"