If you are interested in pursuing a major in history, you need to meet with our DUS, Jake Lundberg to discuss the guidelines and opportunities. Please call or email Prof. Lundberg at (574) 631-5733 or, or stop by 219 O'Shaughnessy Hall in order to make an appointment.

Upon declaring the major, a new student will be assigned an individual advisor from among the regular history faculty. That advisor will serve as the major’s mentor through the history program until the student graduates, so it is important that majors meet with their advisors regularly to discuss progress regarding requirements, course selection for upcoming semesters, and – most importantly – their concentration of courses that will form the heart of their major experience.

While a student’s individual advisor should serve as the intellectual mentor through the program, for some tasks majors should see the Director of Undergraduate Studies. These involve university matters requiring a signature or departmental authorization, such as adding or dropping a major or minor program; adding or dropping a course; seeking approval for study abroad programs or courses, etc.

More questions? Check out our undergraduate FAQ page.

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