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History Major Plus Internship a Powerful Combination

Author: Chris Milazzo

Think about the study of history, and you might conjure images of dusty books and timelines. But Notre Dame history majors John Karol and Christine Affleck, both Class of 2012, and senior Jordyn Smith demonstrate how the versatile skills they developed in the College of Arts and Letters can be applied to a wide array of challenging internships and career paths.

“Many students—and parents—mistakenly believe that history is not a practical major, but our graduates thrive in all fields, from finance to filmmaking, management to medicine, public policy to practicing law,” says Daniel Graff, director of undergraduate studies in Notre Dame’s Department of History. Read More

Revisiting America’s Revolutionary Myths and Realities

Author: Kevin Clarke

Most Americans are comfortable fixing a date (July 4) and an event (the signing of the Declaration of Independence) to a definitive moment when the United States separated itself from its colonial parent, Great Britain. But for University of Notre Dame historian Patrick Griffin, the revolution is better understood as a process—not an event.

And it was a process, he says, that was often far removed from the somber reasonableness of venerated historical moments such as the signing of the Declaration or writing of the Constitution.

These rational moments of the revolution provide “one of the central ways that American culture holds itself together,” says Griffin, chair of the Department of History in Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters. “This is our origin myth. We still live within these myths, and we neglect the various negotiated, nasty trade-offs we needed to bring the revolution’s uncertainty and violence to an end.

“I don’t want to get rid of the myth,” he adds. “I want to lay bare the myth.” Read More

History Students Expand Horizons in International Exchange

Author: Aaron Smith

Graduate students in Notre Dame’s Department of History are making invaluable connections with German and Russian scholars as part of a graduate-student workshop now in its third year.

The annual meeting provides a forum for beginning and advanced doctoral students to present papers and receive feedback from faculty and students at other universities around the world.

In the process, participants cultivate an international, interdisciplinary network of peers that strengthens and broadens their studies—and offers opportunities for publishing and funding their work, says organizer Semion Lyandres, associate professor in the Department of History and co-director of the Russian and East European Studies program in Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters. Read More

Medievalist Daniel Hobbins To Join Faculty

Author: Sara Burnett

Associate Professor Daniel Hobbins’s arrival at the University of Notre Dame this fall will be a homecoming of sorts.

A cultural and intellectual historian of the late middle ages, Hobbins received his Ph.D. in medieval history from Notre Dame’s Medieval Institute in 2002 and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University in 2004.

Most recently an associate professor of history at The Ohio State University, Hobbins says his reasons for wanting to return to Notre Dame were both personal and professional. One of the most important factors, he says, is the University’s commitment to medieval studies. Read More

History Ph.D. Students Awarded Prestigious Fellowships

Author: Joanna Basile and Kate Cohorst

Graduate students in the University of Notre Dame’s Department of History attracted significant outside funding support over the last year, including a Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship and four Fulbright U.S. Student Program awards.

Heath Carter, who joined the faculty at Valparaiso University in August, was one of just 21 Ph.D. students nationwide to receive a 2011–12 Newcombe fellowship from the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. The program supports students in the humanities and social sciences whose work has “significant potential for advancing academic scholarship related to ethics and/or religion.” Read More