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History Major Provides Real-World Edge

Author: Kate Cohorst

As a student in Notre Dame’s Department of History, Colin Rich ’11 didn’t memorize the names and dates of significant World War I battles, and he can’t recite a list of every U.S. president and vice president. What he did learn as a history and economics major in the College of Arts and Letters was far more valuable: the ability to uncover how and why things happen, to speak persuasively, to write concisely, and to synthesize an array of sources into a cogent argument. Read More

Historian Thomas Noble Advocates Teacher-Scholar Model

Author: Kate Cohorst

In 2011, University of Notre Dame Professor Thomas F.X. Noble received the prestigious Otto Gründler Book Prize in medieval studies, a National Endowment for the Humanities fellowship, and the Sheedy Award—the highest teaching honor in the College of Arts and Letters. Read More

New History Faculty Share Colonial Interests

Author: Mark Shuman

The Department of History’s two newest faculty members share a common interest in colonialism, although their research has led them to explore this issue in different parts of the globe. Rebecca Tinio McKenna, whose research has focused on the Philippines, and Paul Ocobock, a scholar of Africa, both join the University of Notre Dame as assistant professors this fall. Read More

History Alumna Inspires New Generation of College Students

Author: Joanna Basile

Notre Dame Department of History alumna Nicole Farmer Hurd ’92 was recently featured on NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams for her efforts to help disadvantaged high school students enter the world of higher education. Read More

Historian John Van Engen Compiles Rare Medieval Writings

Author: Sara Burnett

Around 600 years ago, a new kind of religious community emerged in the Low Countries: lay men and women moved into shared homes and dedicated their lives to prayer, work, and teaching, says John Van Engen, Andrew V. Tackes Professor of History at Notre Dame. Read More

History Department Announces Inaugural Klier Prize Winners

Author: Joanna Basile

Undergraduate student Thomas Dugan and graduate student Susy Sánchez have been named the recipients of the 2010–11 John Doyle Klier Prizes for scholarship and service to the University of Notre Dame’s Department of History. Thomas F.X. Noble was the recipient of this year’s Klier Professor Research Award. Read More

A Letter From the Chair

Author: Patrick Griffin

I am delighted to have been named chair of the Department of History at Notre Dame. That said, I have some big shoes to fill: Both my predecessors—John McGreevy, current dean of the ND College of Arts and Letters, and Tom Noble, former director of the Medieval Institute—did admirable jobs in leading the department. These are exciting times for us. Read More