Department of History Confers 2018 Graduate Writing Prizes

Author: Kevin Vaughn

On September 6, during the annual Opening Reception for the Department of History, Prof. Jaime Pensado, director of graduate studies, announced the winners of the following graduate writing prizes. Entries were accepted from across the graduate cohorts, and each  prize includes a certificate and cash award.

The Vincent P. De Santis Prize - best research paper not yet accepted for publication
Tomás Valle, "Crafting the Map of Orthodoxy: The Case of Eilhard Lubin”
Faculty Jury: Profs. Linda Przybyszewski & Sarah Shortall

The Phillip Gleason Prize - best published article
Jorge Puma, “Small Groups Don’t Win Revolutions: Armed Struggle in the Memory of Maoist Militants of Política Popular” in Latin American Perspectives
Faculty Jury: Profs. Ted Beatty & Rebecca McKenna

The John Highbarger Memorial Dissertation Prize - best Ph.D. dissertation in History
Sam Fisher, "Fit Instruments: Gaels, Indians, and the Diverse Origins of Imperial Reform and Revolution”
Faculty Jury: Profs. Paul Ocobock & Evan Ragland

For more detailed information on the winning papers, including the faculty jury comments, click here.

Originally published by Kevin Vaughn at on September 07, 2018.