Lecture: "Saturdays with the Saints: The Communion of Saints"


Location: Andrews Auditorium, Geddes Hall

Saturdays with the Saints Fall 2013: 20th Century Martyrs

In this Year of Faith, Saturdays with the Saints features men and women who have borne witness to their faith with their lives, and in particular, martyrs of the 20th Century.

Did you know that more Christians have been martyred in the past century than in all previous centuries? Learn about their lives, and how their sacrifices have impacted and continue to have an impact on the people of God they chose to serve.

On November 2, Leonard DeLorenzo, director of Notre Dame Vision, will present “The Communion of Saints: Where Love of God Becomes Love of Neighbor.”

In celebrating the Feast of All Saints, the Church uplifts not only its holy individuals but also the holy communion to which we are called. The testimony of the martyrs and the other holy witnesses teaches us how to listen for this call.

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