Transnational Approaches in Graduate Research


Location: 202 McKenna

Third Plenary Session – Martina Cucchiara (Bluffton University)

8:45-9:15               Keynote: Keynote: Frank Wolff (University of Osnabrück) “The Emergence of the New Diaspora during the Interwar Period: Toward a Global History of East European Jews”

9:30-10:30             Jessica Lumsden (UND, History) “Revealing the Conspiracy Behind the Conspiracy: William Carleton’s Fictional Representations of Ribbionism”

10:30-11:30           Robert Costello Palermo (UND, History) “Ideologies and State Formation in Post Revolutionary Mexico: The Catholic Right and the Spanish Civil War, 1930–1939” 

11:45-12:45           Alexander Zalojnov (BGHS, History) “‘The Butcher of Paris’: How did Carl-Albrecht Oberg become Chief of the SS and Police in occupied France and how independent was his Action?"


Fourth Plenary Session – Chair: Chair: Prof. Dr. Angelika Epple (Bielefeld)

14:30-15:30           Ole Puetz (Bielefeld, Sociology) “The Inner Workings of Social Movements: An Analysis of Strategic Potentials from an Ethnographic Perspective”

15:45-16:45          Goetz Herrmann (Bielefeld, Sociology) “Which Society must be defended? Security, Freedom and the European Union’s approach towards Integrated Border Management”

16:45-17:15          Final Discussion