Senior Honors Thesis Award

Awarded for the best senior honors thesis by a History major.

2018 (co) Adam Moeller When Fire Swept the City: A History of Uganda's Queen Community and the LGBTI Movement

2018 (co) Caroline Whalen Colored to its Core: New York City and the Creation of a Slave Society

2017 Zhixing (George) Zhang Planting the Seeds of the Modern East Asian Dilemma: Myths and New Interpretations of the Japanese Invasions of Korea, 1592-1598

2016 Caitlin O'Connor Bringing the War Home: Witnessing, Remembering, and British Photography of the First World War

2015 (co) Joseph Henares Redefining Reason to Make Room for Faith: The Rational and the Supernatural in the Thought of Five Gifford Lecturers

2015 (co) Billy McMahon Here the People Speak: The Collectivist Impulse and the Resurgence of Left-Zapatismo in Eastern Chiapas

2014 (co) Alexander (Py) Killen A Mic for the Marginalized: Gender, Generation, and Uganda Hip-Hop

2014 (co) Kathryn Squiers The Liberalization of Parental Visitation Policies in American Pediatric Hospitals: A Case Study of How the Culture of Medicine Evolves Over Time

2013 Camille Suarez Roots Radical? The NAACP and the Scottsboro Cases, 1931-1933

2012 (co) Joe VanderZee The Blind Seeking the Invisible:  Magical Realism and the History of the Province of Peru by Diego Francisco Altamirano (1625-1715)

2012 (co) Mark Kettler In Steadfast Loyalty:  Bavarian Nationalism and Imperial Allegiance in the Second Reich

2011 (co) Michelle Gaseor The ‘Lucie’ Dreyfus Affair: Imagining a Heroine in Fin-de-Siècle France

2011 (co) Stephanie Mulhern The Devil or the Sinner: Idolatry and Gender in Late Colonial Lima

2010 Jackie Mirandola Mullen Pristine Nature’ between Steel Mills and Subdivisions: How Land Use Conflicts Created the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

2009 Allyson Brantley Rebellion as Entertainment: Tijuana's Tourist Industry, 1880-1910, and the 1911 Insurrection in Baja California

2008 (co) Jessica Nelson Shamrocks in Mexico: The Story of the San Patricio Batallion and Irish Assimilation During the Mexican-American War

2008 (co) Gregory Wagman Churchill's Secret Invasion: The British Balkan Scheme

2007 (co) Rachel Meeks Women and the Tibetan Refugee Community: Negotiating Deference and Promoting Nationalism

2007 (co) Adam Snider Christ and Scripture in Christian-Pagan Dialogue, 180-410 AD

2006 Michelle Garvey La Sorella Fascista: The Italian Occupation of Ethiopia through the Eyes of a Fascist Sister

2005 Alexander Strittmatter An Empire Divided: The Dominions and British Policy Formulation during the Czechoslovak Crisis

2004 Jacob Baska Damn Bastards: The Development of Identity in Colonial Vermont

2003 Julie L. Schutte L'Esposizione Universale Di Roma 1942: The Embodiment of and Metaphor for the Italian Fascist State-- 

Monsignor Francis A. O'Brien Award

This prize honors a superior research paper rooted in primary sources and written during the current academic year. It is designed especially for papers written in Department Seminars (but any research paper of at least fifteen pages is eligible).

2018 Edward Kreienberg Men of Steel: How Novel Weapons Defined the Experience of Soldiers at the Western Front during the First World War

2017 Mary Burke A 'New Class' of His Own: Milovan Dijlas and the Intellectual History of Dissent

2016 (co) Kelly Laco Anzac Memory and the Great War: A Bloody Defeat Transformed into a Victory for Australian Nationalism

2016 (co) Zhixing "George" Zhang Though Dead He Still Liveth': The Chinese Labour Corps in the First World War

2015 (co) Anastasia Evanich The Interaction between State and Commerce during WWI as seen through British Tobacco Advertisements

2015 (co) Katie Luotto A Woman's Silver Lining: Mrs. Delia Hammond Locke and Perceptions of Womanhood in 1850s California

2014 Tony Oleck The Land O'Lakes Innovation: Papal Authority, Anti-Modernism, and the Land O'Lakes Vision

2013 (co) Joseph Ahmad The Apotheosis of Love: Critiques of Fin 'Amor and the Development of Romantic Love

2013 (co) Gregory de la Iglesia Managing Total Infection:  Public Health and Research Initiative to Combat the 1918-19 Pandemic in the United Kingdom

2012 Claire Mysliwiec How Blest the Righteous When He Dies?:  Shifting Visions of Heaven in the Methodist Hymnody of the Civil War Era

2011 Joseph VanderZee Looking Abroad for Answers:  Mexico’s Confidential Communications with Foreign Embassies in ’68

2010 Jackie Mirandola-Mullen Pristine Nature’ between Steels Mills and Subdivisions: How Land Use Conflicts Created the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

2009 (co) Brian Corrigan ’Let Us Do Whatever It Takes’: The Strategic and Domestic Implications of Lyndon Johnson’s Space Policy

2009 (co) Laura Yamartino A Turning Point in the Campaign for Equality’: An Analysis of the ERA Ratification Campaign in Indiana

2008 Peter Van Loss of Meaning: The De-Politicization of Cold War Protest Music

2007 Megan Hawley Fashioning the Individual: Clothing in Renaissance Italy

2006 Kamaria Porter You Must Fight Injustice Wherever You Find it' Monsignor John J. Egan and Catholic Action Against Segregation in Chicago

2005 (co) Ryan Metheny Jewish Immigration and the Industrial Removal Office

2005 (co) Mary Rao Deism and Christianity in Colonial America

2004 Matthew Ziegler Great Britain and Latin American Independence: A Case Study of British Diplomacy involving Argentina and Colombia, 1806-1825

2003 (co) Jessica Sharron Krupp and IG Farben: Justice at Nuremberg?

2003 (co) John William Jacobs, Jr. The History of the Interstate System and the Social Consequences of Constructing Highways in Urban Areas

2002 John-Paul William Drevline Ernst Kaltenbrunner and the Fusion of Nazi Intelligence Services

2001 Alena Stransky An Earthly Battle Within a Cosmic War: C. S. Lewis on the Christians Role in War and World War II-- 

Rev. Marvin R. O'Connell Award

This prize honors the best paper written in the History Workshop during the current academic year (faculty nomination).

2018 (co) Sierra Gonzales, "Frenzied Women or Fierce Political Actors: The Agency of Women in the Triangle Fire." 

2018 (co) Claire DeSelm. "The African American Citizen in the 1948 Election: Hearing the Voices Denied." 

2017 Nora McGreevy Female Voices in the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

2016 Connor Compton Pushing Agendas Through Tragedy: The Use of Triangle Fire for Social Reform and Personal Gain

2015 Mary Burke The Triangle Fire: Tragedy and Unity

2014 No prize awarded

2013 Kathryn Squiers Panicked 'Poor Things' and Engagement Rings: News Coverage in the Aftermath of the Triangle Fire and the Discriminatory Portrayal of Women

2012 Teresa Rubinger Conflicting Ideas of Freedom in the 1960s:  How the Status Quo Prevailed

2011 Mairead Browne The Role of the French Royal family in the Assassination of Admiral Coligny

2010 (co) Mark Kettler Corporate Allegiance and Catholic Motivations in the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre

2010 (co) Meggie O’Keefe To Flee or to Fight: The Counterculture and Student Activism

2009 No prize awarded

2008 Brian Sarnacki Radical Pulpits: Liberal Protestants, Socialism, and Labor Strife

2007 Greg Wagman A Bridge Too Far," originally written for Mike DeGruccio's course on the American Civil War era

2006 Teresa De Vries The IRA and the World

2005 Rachel Meeks The Language Surrounding Joan of Arc and the Value of Women in the Fifteenth Century

2004 No prize awarded

2003 William Spencer McSorley Conversion to the Christian God: The Unforced Scandinavian Acceptance of Christ

2002 Jennifer Randazzo Just Grounds of Female Influence: Woman's Migration into the Public Sphere, 1820-1860

2001 Kimberly M. Springer United States Information Centers: Meetinghouses or Propaganda-Hausers?

O'Hagan Award

This prize honors a superior essay on any topic of Irish history, whether a research paper, a historiographic essay, a book review, or a topical paper.

2018 Emily Okupski Free Hearts and Unsurrendered Spirits': Irish Female Nationalism and the Transcendence of Societal Boundaries
2017 William Robert Billups Two Ships Running Afoul': Irish Religion, the British State, and the Formation of the Irish National Education System
2016 Megan Ball The Shan Van Vocht: A Lens for the Irish Cultural Revival
2015 Patrick Butler The Diplomat of Derry: John Hume and the Transformation of American Foreign Policy on Northern Ireland
2014 No prize awarded
2013 Rory Convery Die Irische Frage and the German Answer:  Ireland, Germany, and the Easter Rising
2012 Michael Johnson Strangers of Fortune: Irish Integration into Eighteenth-Century North America
2011 John Kelley unavailable
2010 Christine Kennedy Stars and Stripes and Shamrocks: A History of the Irish in America through Song, 1700-1900
2009 No prize awarded
2008 Kyle Cassily Michael Collins and the IRA: The Reason England Left Ireland?
2007 Nora Devlin William Drennan and the 'United' Irish Movement," originally written for Tom Kselman's course on the Age of Democratic Revolutions
2006 Teresa De Vries The IRA and the World
2005 Peter Vranderic Why Did the Irish Fight in the American Civil War?
2004 Matthew DiBiasse A Frustrating Friend: The Consequences of Irish Neutrality to the American-Irish Relationship and Irish-Catholic America, 1939-1945
2003 Kristen Marie Caponi The Spirit and the Law: The Two Reforms of the Twelfth-Century Irish Church
2002 No prize awarded
2001 Mary Prina Women in the Easter Rebellion