Noe Pliego Campos

Noe Pliego Campos



M.A., Latin American Studies, University of North Carolina - Charlotte
B.A. History, University of North Carolina - Charlotte

Year Matriculated into Graduate Program


Graduate Field

Latin American History


Modern Latin America; Post-1945 Mexico; Student Activism

Dissertation and Advisor

Advisor: Jaime Pensado


Previously, Noe completed a master’s thesis titled “The 1986 World Cup and Political Legitimacy During Mexico's ‘Lost Decade’” where he explored the political implications of hosting an expensive mega-sports event during a debt-ridden decade. At Notre Dame he is studying post-1945 Mexico, with a strong interest in understanding student reaction to neoliberal changes in 1980s Mexico. He is also exploring subcultures such as the chavos banda and the nation’s popular and counter culture.