Ann-Marie Long


Postdoctoral Research Associate

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Graduate Program Field

Medieval Icelandic History; Medieval Scandinavian History


Commonwealth Iceland; Medieval Scandinavia; Medieval Atlantic World; Colonial; Cultural; Imperial; Political; Medieval Memory and Constructions of the Past; Ethnogenesis.


Ph.D. (Medieval History), University College Dublin
M.A. (Medieval Studies), University College Dublin
B.A. (International) in History and Politics, University College Dublin

Research and Teaching Interests

Recent undergraduate course offerings include "The World of the Vikings" and "Commonwealth Iceland: From Viking Colony to Free State." I have also taught classes on Medieval Dublin, Viking Ireland, various aspects of the Medieval Atlantic World as well as survey courses on Post-Barbarian Europe.

My research interests have focused on Commonwealth Iceland and, more broadly, on the cultural, political and social history of medieval Scandinavia and the North Atlantic region. I am especially interested in medieval memory and its agents, in particular how constructions of the past assumed different forms at different times and were utilized for different purposes. Related research interests include ethnogenesis, identity formation and the justification of regnal and ecclesiastical power.


My first book, Iceland’s Relationship with Norway c.870-c.1100: Memory, History and Identity (Leiden: Brill, 2017), reassesses the development of Icelandic society from the earliest settlements to the twelfth century. Through a series of thematic studies, it considers how medieval Icelandic authors instrumentalized Norway to explain the changing parameters of Icelandic autonomy.

My next project will focus on literacy, with particular attention being given to the relationship between early vernacular writing, the rise of the chieftains and literary patronage.

Recent Publications

Iceland’s Relationship with Norway c.870-c.1100: Memory, History and Identity (Leiden: Brill, 2017)

‘Sturlubók and Cultural Memory’, in Sturla Þórðarson: Skald, Chieftain and Lawman, eds Jón Viðar Sigurðsson and Sverrir Jakobsson (Leiden: Brill, 2017)

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Department of History
219 O’ Shaughnessy Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556