Ted Beatty

Ted Beatty


Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Keough School of Global Affairs, Professor of History, and Faculty Fellow, Kellogg Institute for International Affairs


The author of Institutions and Investment: The Political Basis of Industrialization in Mexico before 1911 (Sanford, 2001), Technology and the Search for Progress in Modern Mexico (University of California Press, 2015), which won the 2016 Friedrich Katz prize for the best book on Latin American and Caribbean history from the American Historical Association, and co-author of El mito de una riqueza proverbial. ideas, utopías y proyectos económicos en turno á México en los siglos xviii y xix (UNAM, 2015).  Beatty has received research support from the National Science Foundation and the Instituto de Iberoamerica at the Universidad de Salamanca as well as the Kellogg Institute.



B.A., Princeton University, 1983
M.A., University of New Mexico, 1992
Ph.D., Stanford University, 1996

Research and Teaching Interests

A historian specializing in economic development in nineteenth and twentieth century Latin America and especially in Mexico, Beatty served as interim director of the Kellogg Institute from 2007 to 2009. His research has examined the role of institutions in economic development, the intellectual and material bases of policy formation, and the history of technological change. He is currently working on a new project that examines changes in consumption patterns in Mexico, ca. 1850-1930, as well as a study of natural resource constraints to technology adoption.

Beatty teaches undergraduate and doctoral courses on the history of Mexico and Latin America and topics in comparative economic history.


Recent publications include:

  • “Technology in Latin America’s Past and Present: New Evidence from the Patent Records,” co-authored with Patricio Sáiz and Yovanna Pineda, Latin American Research Review, forthcoming 2016.
  • “Riqueza, Polémica, y Política: Pensamiento y Políticas Económicas en México, (1765-1911),” in Francisco Altable, José Enrique Covarrubias, Richard Weiner and Edward Beatty, El mito de una riqueza proverbial. ideas, utopías y proyectos económicos en turno á México en los siglos xviii y xix. Mexico: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2015.
  • “Globalization and Technological Capabilities: Evidence from Mexico’s Patent Records ca. 1870-1911,” Estudios de Economía, 42:2, 2015, special issue on “Economic and Business History of Latin America,” pp. 45-65.
  • “The World’s Beer: A Historical Geography of Beer in Mexico,” with Susan M. Gauss, in Mark W. Patterson and Nancy Hoalst Pullen, eds. The Geography of Beer: Regions, Environment, and Societies, Springer Publishing, 2014.
  • “Propiedad industrial, patentes e inversión en tecnología en España y México (1820-1914),” co-authored with Patricio Sáiz González, in Rafael Dobado, Aurora Gómez-Galvarriato, and Graciela Márquez, eds., España y México: Historias Económicas Paralelas? Mexico: Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2007.


Contact Information

Office: 203 Hesburgh Center for International Studies
Phone: 574-631-7038

Mailing Address:
203 Hesburgh Center 
Notre Dame, IN  46556


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