Mike Amezcua

Mike Amezcua


Assistant Professor


Urban; Cultural; Latina/o; Racial Formations; Gender; The Built Environment; United States; U.S.-Mexico Borderlands


Ph.D., Yale University
M.A., Yale University
B.A., University of California, Los Angeles

Research and Teaching Interests

Professor Amezcua’s research brings new insights to the study of postwar Chicago in particular and American cities more broadly. Diverging from long-held understandings of the city’s post-1945 ghetto formations, white flight, and immigration, his research historicizes a relational nexus of urban landscapes of decline, renewal and transition; racial and migrant intersections; and emotive cultural politics of contestation and invention that move us beyond simple understandings of Latinos in Chicago as mere “buffer communities” between other ethnoracial groups.  The same commitment to the fields of Latina/o and urban history that inspires his research also propels his work in the classroom.  Professor Amezcua teaches courses on U.S. Latina/o History, Cultures of the Urban Crisis, and Latina/o Chicago with future course offerings in racial built environments and modern U.S. history.


Mike Amezcua specializes in twentieth-century United States history, urban history, and Latina/o history with particular interests on the intersections of urban space, racial and migrant politics, and cultural practices. He is a past recipient of major fellowships and grants from Northwestern, Princeton, Trinity College, and the National Museum of American History.  In 2013-2014, he held a UC Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship at UC San Diego. He is currently completing his first book, provisionally entitled, The Second City Anew: Mexicans, Urban Culture, and Migration in the Transformation of Chicago, 1940-1986.

Contact Information

Office: 439 Decio
Phone: 574-631-6828

Mailing Address:
Department of History
219 O’Shaughnessy Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556


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