Alexander Martin

Alexander Martin



Graduate Program Field

European History


Russia from the Middle Ages until the late 19th century; European history in the “long” 19th century, particularly political, intellectual, social, and urban history.


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1993
M.A., Columbia University, 1986
B.A., Cornell University, 1985

Research and Teaching Interests

Early modern and Imperial Russia; Europe in the “long” 19th century history, particularly political, intellectual, social, and urban history.


Alexander Martin's research focuses on Imperial Russia between the mid-18th and late 19th century. In Romantics, Reformers, Reactionaries, he examined the genesis of Russian conservatism in the era of the Napoleonic Wars. His new book Enlightened Metropolis explores the transformation of Moscow into a modern city from the perspective of social, intellectual, and urban history. He has also edited and translated Dmitrii Rostislavov’s Provincial Russia in the Age of Enlightenment, an account of a village boy’s encounter with Imperial Russia’s schools, bureaucracy, and hierarchical social order in the early 19th century.  

His next project, tentatively titled Seeking a New Life in an Age of Revolution: A German-Russian Odyssey, 1768-1870, is an examination of the history of Germany and Russia through the lens of the experience of one German emigrant family.

From 2003 to 2011, Martin was an editor of Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History.


Enlightened Metropolis: Constructing Imperial Moscow, 1762-1855 (Oxford University Press, 2013).  Winner of the Marc Raeff Prize of the Eighteenth-Century Russian Studies Association and the Best Book Award (non-North American) of the Urban History Association.  Russian edition published in 2015.

Editor and author of the introduction to И. А. Розенштраух, Исторические происшествия в Москве 1812 года во время присутствия в сем городе неприятеля [J. A. Rosenstrauch, Historical Events in Moscow in 1812 at the Time of the Enemy’s Presence in this City] (Moscow: NLO, 2015)

Editor and translator of Dmitrii Rostislavov, Provincial Russia in the Age of Enlightenment: The Memoir of a Priest’s Son (Northern Illinois University Press, 2002)

Romantics, Reformers, Reactionaries: Russian Conservative Thought and Politics in the Reign of Alexander I (Northern Illinois University Press, 1997)


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Office: 412 Decio
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Department of History
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Notre Dame, IN 46556