Presenter Guidelines and Deadlines

The core lines of enquiry will be: Which scales are now appropriate to consider the Age of Revolutions? What are the connections, not just between American and European revolutions, but also between the Atlantic revolutions and broader global phenomena? Where and how do we set historiographic stakes? What new regions, currents, and methods have emerged? How useful are the familiar boundaries of ‘Atlantic’, ‘Transatlantic’, hemispheric and global? How do we incorporate reinvigorate existing categories such as religion, the enlightenment, sovereignty? What trajectories have become obscured/obsolete or show the most promise? How do we stand to benefit from increasing multiple archival sources and locations for research? What are the limitations?

 In short, what does the Age of Revolutions look like 60 years after Palmer’s book was published?

 We ask all participants to engage with these questions.


Speakers are free to set the theme of their talks. Both research-based and historiographical presentations are welcome, and talks can focus on a narrow or broader topic, on one nationality or multiple. What we would like to have is your take on the Age of Revolutions, what you think was the nature of that movement (if it can be defined as a movement) and what was the nature of the links between the revolutions of the late-eighteenth and nineteenth century. For papers focusing on a narrow topic or on a single nation, we hope that the presenter will show how that topic casts light on the broader picture of the Age of Revolutions and how it contributes to the historiography on the Age.

We do not require senior scholars to pre-circulate the text of their talk, unless they wish to.

GUIDELINES FOR YOUNG SCHOLARS - Precirculated paper (max 30 pages, double spaced)

We ask the young scholars pre-circulating papers in the workshop panels to submit them in advance (December 1st), so that everyone will have time to read them and prepare critical feedback. We also ask authors to introduce the paper with an abstract and with a paragraph explaining in what context the paper was written (dissertation chapter? article?) and what kind of feedback they are hoping to receive. 



All title submissions: September 1st 2017

Pre-circulated paper submissions (young scholars): December 1st


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