Recent Ph.D.s and Placements

This page lists recent Ph.D.s awarded and placement information.

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Ph.D.s Awarded



Stephen Case (HPS)
"John Herschel and Changing Perceptions of the Stars during the Victorian Period"

Peter Choi
"George Whitefield, the Imperial Itinerant:  Religion, Economics, and Politics in the Era of the Great Awakening"

Jeff Bain-Conkin
"The Refinement of Religious Practices in Nineteenth-Century Louisville, Kentucky"

Nathan Gerth
"A Model Town:  Tver', the Classical Imperial Order and the Rise of Civic Society in the Russian Provinces, 1763-1861"

Andrew Hansen
"Protestant Theology in Transatlantic Context, 1815-1880"

Michael Kelly
"Sacrilege in Early Modern England"

Joshua Kercsmar
"The Politics of Husbandry:  Managing Animal and Slave Labor in England and America, 1550-1815"

Anne McGinness
"Catholic and Protestant Encounters in Colonial Brazil:  Religious and Economic Priorities in Early Modern Christianity, 1554-1654"

Susy Sanchez Rodriguez
"From the Father to the Motor of the Nation:  The Metamorphosis of the Politics of Commemoration in Nicaragua (1936-1997)"

Elizabeth Strauss
"The Elderly in the Ghettos:  A Study of Lodz, Vilna, and Riga, 1939-1944"

Mike Westrate
"Under the Falling Red Star:  The Lives of Eastern Ukraine's Military Families from the 1960s to the Present"



Jessica Baron (HPS)
"Reforming the Raj:  Florence Nightingale's biomedical liberalism in British India"

Tuan Hoang
"Ideology in Urban South Vietnam, 1950-1975"

Richard Oosterhoff (HPS)
"The Circle of Jacques Lefeve d'Étaples, Mathematics and Philosophy for University Reform"

Laura Porter
"Church, State, and the Social Order:  Religious and Civil Government in the Upper South, 1831-1877"

Maria Rogacheva
"The Soviet Scientific Intelligentsia from Stalin to Gorbachev, 1956-1985:  A History of A town That Did Not Exist"

Glen Ryland
"Translating Africa:  Rhenish Missionaries and German Notions of Race, 1829-1939"



 Martina Cucchiara
"'Bitter Times:' The Poor School Sisters of Notre Dame in Nazi Germany, 1933-1945"

Heath Carter
“Union Made: Working People and the Rise of Social Christianity in Chicago”

Melinda Grimsley-Smith
"Politics, Professionalization, and Poverty: Lunatic Asylums for the Poor in Ireland, 1817-1920"

Amber Handy
"The Specula Principum in Northwestern Europe, 650-900: The Evolution of a New Ethical Rule"

Lourdes Hurtado
"Unido a la Historia por Fecunda y Viril Tradicion": Race, Gender and the Military in Cold War Peru (1961-1980)”

 Sarah Miglio
"'Civilizing the World': Progressive Religion and Politics from Chicago to the Middle East, 1890-1925”

Sheila Nowinski
“Peasants into Farmers: The Jeunesse agricole catholique and the Modernization of Rural France, 1930-1960”

Charles Strauss
"Catholicism, Central America, and United States Politics During the Cold War, 1943-1988"



Danielle DuBois Gottwig
Before the Culture Wars: Conservative Protestants and the Family, 1920-1980

Christopher Osborne
Written into the West: Print-Visions and the Revolutionary Inheritance in Early National America’s ‘Western Country'



Michael Lee
"American Revelations: Biblical Interpretation and Criticism In America, Circa 1700-1860"

Nicholas Miller
"The Religious Roots of the First Amendment: Dissenting Protestantism And the Separation of Church and State" 

Suzanne Orr
"'Caging the Red Menace': Russian Immigration and Anti-Radicalism during the First Red Scare in Chicago, 1917-1921"

Erik Peterson (HPS)
"Holism and Evolution in Biology and Anthropology:  The Challenge of Gregory of Bateson and C. H. Waddington to Biological Orthodoxy, 1924-1980"

Elizabeth Webster (HPS)
"'Men of Real Science': Politics and the Authorities of Natural Knowledge in the Early American Republic, 1780-1837"



Martin Beisswenger
"Inventing" Eurasia: The Life and Ideas of Petr Nikolaevich Savitskii (1895 - 1968)"

Sean Brennan
The Politics of Religion in Soviet-Occupied Germany: The Case of Berlin-Brandenburg 1945-1949"

Grant Brodrecht
"'Our Country': Northern Evangelicals and the Nation in the Civil War and its Aftermath

Benjamin FItzpatrick
"'Negroes for Sale': The Slave Trade in Antebellum Kentucky"

Gavin Foster
"The Social Structures and Cultural Politics of the Irish Civil War"

Micaela Larkin
"Labor's Desert: Mexican Workers, Unions and Entrepreneurial Conservatism in Arizona, 1917-1972"

Matthew Salafia
"Searching for Slavery: Slavery and Freedom in the Ohio River Valley Borderland, 1787-1850"

David Swartz
"'Left Behind': The Evangelical Left and the Limits of Evangelical Politics"

Tammy Van Dyken
"In the Sweet Bye and Bye"



Angel Cortes
"Student Idealists and the Specter of Natural Science, 1870-1910"

Steve Schroeder
"Reconciliation in Occupied Germany, 1944-1954

Ben Secunda
"In the Shadow of the Eagle's Wings: The Effects of Removal on the Unremoved Potawatomi"



Sarah Davis-Secord
Sicily and the Medieval Mediterranean: Communication Networks and Inter-regional Exchange

Michael DeGruccio
“Unmade: Manhood and Self-Making in the American Civil War

Nahyan Fancy (HPS)
"Pulmonary Transit and Bodily Resurrection:  The Interaction of Medicine, Philosphy and Religion in the Works of Ibn al-Nafis (d. 1288)"

Timothy Gloege
Consumed: Reuben A. Torrey and the Creation of Corporate Fundamentalism, 1880-1930

Andrew Orr
"'La Grande Muette': Gender, Race, and Anti-Republicanism in the French Army, 1918-1934"

Justin Poche
"Religion, Race and Rights in Catholic Louisiana, 1938-1970"



Jonathan Couser
Mixing the Chalice: The Formation of Christian Identity in Early Medieval Bavaria

Jonathan DenHartog
Patriotism and Piety: The Religious Dimension of Federalist Political Culture

Matthew Grow

Thomas L. Kane and the Culture of Reform

Tomasz Rzeznik
Spiritual Capital: Religion, Wealth, and Social Status in Philadelphia, 1880-1950



Margaret Abruzzo
"Polemical Pain: Slavery, Suffering, and Sympathy in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Moral Debate"

Darren Dochuk
"From Bible Belt to Sunbelt: Plain Folk Religion, Grassroots Politics, and the Southernization of Southern California, 1939-1969"

Laura Dull
"Writing Legitimacy: Gender and Conduct in the Book of the Knight of the Tower"

Kristin Kobes DuMez
"The Forgotten Woman's Bible: Katharine Bushnell, Lee Anna Starr, Madeline Southard, and the Construction of a Woman-Centered Protestantism in America, 1870-1930"

Patrick Gillen
"The Intellectual Origins and Original Understanding of the Religious Liberty Provisions"

Tiffany Grade
"Warfare, the Royal Image, and National Identity: Succession and Propaganda During the Hundred Years War, 1337-1422"

Angela Gugliotta
"Hell with the Lid Taken Off: A Cultural History of Air Pollution - Pittsburgh"

Claudrena Harold
"The Rise and Fall of the Garvey Movement in the Urban South, 1918-1942"

Frederick Jordan
"Between Heaven and Harvard: Protestantism and the American Boarding School Experience, 1778-1940"

Jonathan Lyon
"Cooperation, Compromise and Conflict Avoidance: Family Relationships in the House of Andechs, ca. 1100-1204"

Patrick Mason
"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Mob: Violence Against Religious Outsiders in the U.S. South, 1865-1910"

Mark McCarthy
"Religious Conflict and Social Order in Nineteenth-Century Russia: Orthodoxy and the Protestant Challenge, 1812-1905"

Owen Phelan
"The Formation of Christian Europe: Baptism under the Carolingians"

John Turner
"Selling Jesus to Modern America: Campus Crusade For Christ, Evangelical Culture, and Conservative Politics"

Peter Wallace
"'The Bond of Union': The Old School Presbyterian Church and the American Nation"

Samy Zaka
"Education and Civilization in the French Third Republic: The University of Saint-Joseph, 1875-1914"






Ann McGiness (HPS), Adjunct Faculty, John Carroll University
Richard Oosterhoff (HPS), Postdoctural Fellow, University of Cambridge
Peter Choi, Asst. Professor & Assistant Pastor, San Francisco Church & Seminary
Mike Westrate, Associate Program Director, University of Notre Dame


Jessica Baron (HPS), Outreach and Communications Coordinator for the Reilly Center for Science, Technology and Values; Managing Editor of Studies in History and Philosphy of Science
Tuan Hoang, Visiting Assistant Professor, Pepperdine University (CA)
Richard Oosterhoff (HPS), Postdoctural Fellow, University of Cambridge
Laura Porter, Instructor, College Universitaire Sci (France)
Maria Rogacheva, Postdoc, University of Notre Dame
Glen Ryland (ABD), Assistant Professor, Mount Royal University (Canada)


Heath Carter, Assistant Professor, Valparaiso University (IN)
Martina Cucchiara, Assistant Professor, Bluffton University (OH)
Melinda Grimsley-Smith, Coordinator of International Scholarships, Western Kentucky University
Amber Handy, Assistant Professor, Mississippi University for Women
Lourdes Hurtado, Assistant Professor, Franklin College (IN)
Sarah Miglio, Assitant Dean of Academic Affairs, Wheaton College
Stephen Molvarec (ABD), Jesuit Novitiate
Sheila Nowinski, Assistant Professor, Siena Heights University (MI)
Charles Strauss, Assistant Professor, Mount St. Mary’s University (MD)


Danielle DuBois, Archivist, National Archives
Christopher Osborne, Sr. VP/Market Manager, US Bank
Andrea Turpin, Assistant Professor, Baylor University (TX)


Nicholas Miller, Associate Professor, Andrews University (MI)
Suzanne Orr, Assistant Professor, University of the Fraser Valley (CN)
Erik Peterson (HPS), Asst. Prof. of History, University of Alabama


Martin Beisswenger, Assistant Professor, National Research University School of Economics
Sean Brennan, Associate Professor, University of Scranton (PA)
Benjamin Fitzpatrick, Instructor, Morehead State University (KY)
Gavin Foster, Assistant Professor, Concordia University (CN)
Micaela Larkin, Policy Analyst, State of Arizona Government
Michael Lee, Assistant Professor, Eastern University (PA)
Matthew Salafia, Adjunct Professor, North Dakota State University
Tamara Van Dyken, Assitant Professor, Western Kentucky University


Grant Brodrecht, Adjunct Professor, Belhaven University (FL)
Angel Cortes, Assistant Professor, Holy Cross College (IN)
Steven Schroeder, Assistant Professor, University of Fraser Valley (CN)
William Secunda, University of Michigan
David Swartz, Assistant Professor, Asbury University (KY)


Sarah Davis-Secord, Assistant Professor, University of Texas-Arlington
Michael DeGruccio, Assistant Professor, St. Peter’s College (NJ)
Nahyan Fancy (HPS), Assoc. Prof. Dept. of History, DePauw University
Andrew Orr, Assistant Professor, Sam Houston State University (TX)
Justin Poche, Assistant Professor, College of Holy Cross (MA)


Jonathan Den Hartog, Assistant Professor, Northwestern College (MN)
Matthew Grow, Director of Publications, Church of Latter-Day Saints
Tomasz Rzeznik, Assistant Professor, Seton Hall University (NJ)
John Turner, Assistant Professor, University of Southern Alabama
Samy Zaka, Assistant Professor, Rock Valley College (IL)


Margaret Abruzzo, Associate Profesor, University of Alabama
Darren Dochuk, Associate Professor, Washington University in St. Louis
Laura Dull, Associate Professor, Delta College (MI)
Kristin DuMez, Associate Professor, Calvin College (MI)
Jonathan Lyon, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
Patrick Mason, Associate Professor, Claremont Graduate University (CA)
Owen Phelan, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Michigan


Richard Bademan, Director, MacLaurin Institute (MN)
Claudrena Harold, Associate Professor, University of Virginia
Frederick Jordan, Dep’t Chair, Woodberry Forest School (VA)
Michael Kamen, Graduate Programs Director, University of Michigan 
Mark McCarthy, Assoc. Professor, Dordt College, IA
Marcus Meuwese, Associate Professor, University of Winnipeg (CN)