Tomás Valle

Tomás Valle



B.A., History, Hillsdale College, 2016

Year Matriculated into Graduate Program


Graduate Field

European History


Late medieval to early modern intellectual history; history of universities; early modern Lutheran intellectual culture; structures of knowledge, conceptions of science and method from late medieval to early modern.

Dissertation and Advisor

Advisor: Brad Gregory


My current research focuses on the intellectual history of Lutheran universities in the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Lutheran scholasticism, far less studied than Roman Catholic or Reformed scholasticism, carries on a wide variety of philosophical and theological strains coming out of the late middle ages. I study how these strains develop within the climate of Lutheran confessionalization, as well as how Lutheran scholastics relate to their Roman Catholic and Reformed counterparts. More broadly, I'm interested in the conflict between Aristotelian and non-Aristotelian structures of knowledge from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries, and the diversity of thought on both sides of that (somewhat illusory) divide. In future work I plan to examine how non-intellectual factors, from commerce to warfare, shaped and conditioned the intellectual trajectory of the same period.