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Admission and Application

The Department of History ordinarily admits only students seeking the Ph.D. as their terminal degree. Language preparation is highly desirable. Prospective medievalists, especially, must have already studied some Latin, and modern Europeanist applicants must have some knowledge of either French or German.

Incoming graduate students in history begin study in the fall semester only. Students applying to enter in the fall should have complete dossiers (application, transcripts, writing sample, recommendations and GRE scores) on file with Notre Dame's Office of Graduate Admissions no later than January 4th..

The "Statement of Intent" accompanying the application should describe your areas of interest as explicitly as possible, and should list the departmental faculty with whom you wish to study. Please note that professors designated "emeritus" are retired and no longer teach. Applicants are admitted to work under the advisement only of Teaching and Research  faculty only.

The writing sample should demonstrate your skills in writing, analysis, and, if possible, historical research. In general, writing samples should be no longer than 20 pages. If you are sending part of a longer work (for example, a Master's thesis), please include an abstract describing the whole piece and its argument.

Financial Support

All graduate students admitted to the Ph.D. program are guaranteed a full tuition scholarship and a stipend for five years. Funding is also available to support travel to present research papers at conferences and for summer research fellowships. 

The University also makes a number of fellowships available, some that are open to all graduate students and some that are open only to students studying in particular programs and subjects. The Graduate School provides a searchable database of fellowships available for Notre Dame graduate students. Students should discuss University fellowship opportunities with the Director of Graduate Studies.

The Department of History also encourages graduate students to seek outside fellowships for financial support. Such awards not only provide financial assistance, but act as formal recognition of the student's accomplishments and promise as researchers and scholars.

For more information, visit the Graduate School.